Accident & Illness

Accident and Illness at School

Should your child be unwell at school they will be sent to the office with a referral from their classroom or specialist teacher.  If they are too sick to remain at school you will be notified and asked to come and collect them from the sick room.  In the case of any incident involving an injury or bump to a student’s head it is school policy that parents will always be informed.

Should you need to remove your child from school during the day for an appointment it is necessary to come to the office and sign out your child with the office staff.  This will generate a release clip to be taken and given to the classroom teacher prior to removing the student from class.  If your child is late in the morning they will need to come through the office to sign in using the iPad which will generate a late pass to be given to their classroom teacher.

If your child is unwell and requires administration of medication during school hours it will be necessary to complete an Administration of Medication form allowing permission to do so.  The completed form and antibiotics should be returned to the school office and there is a fridge in the sick room where medication can be stored.

Administration of Medication

We endeavour to keep our student database as current as possible regarding medical conditions and/or allergies but ask if your child’s situation changes or there is something the school needs to be aware of you notify us as soon as possible to ensure continuity of care.

If your child has a known allergy, please inform the school so that the appropriate emergency management plans can be put in place to ensure the safety of your child.

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