We know that every day at school contributes to learning, which leads to better engagement and higher academic achievement. This sets students up for life and creates better social and economic outcomes for Western Australian families and communities.

We do understand that sometime students are not able to attend due to illness, appointments, cultural reasons and important family events. If your child is not able to attend school we ask that you notify the school, which can be done through the Compass app or portal, by phone on 9068-5300 or in the office.

There are a number of things you can do to help your child attend every day.

Talk and share

  • Talk about school in a positive way with your child so they want to go.
  • Talk about the benefits of school and value for them.
  • Ask your child how they are going at school and about their friends.
  • Support them to identify solutions to any issues or concerns they may have.
  • Encourage your child to set personal goals related to school each term, and acknowledge their efforts and achievements.
  • Find out about what your child would like to do in their future and discuss the pathways available to them.

Support routines and organisation

  • Monitor their attendance. Keep an idea on how many days they miss.
  • Help your child develop the habit of going to school every day.
  • Set a morning routine to help your child be organised and get to school on time.
  • Set regular bedtime and evening routines. This helps your child get enough sleep. They will be well rested and ready to learn the next day.
  • Limit the use of electronic devices, so they get off to sleep easily.
  • Where possible, make appointments for your child outside of school hours or during school holidays.
  • Take family holidays during school holidays.

After-school activities

  • Encourage extra-curricular activities so they create friendships and pursue their interests.
  • Set limits on part-time work so they are not over-stretched or tired.

Seek support

  • Contact your child’s teacher about any concerns and find out how they can support them.
  • Find out about services available to support their attendance and wellbeing.


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