Support my learners

Support my learners

Learning happens everywhere and learning at home, whether for children of school age or those who have not started Kindergarten yet.  Our children’s brains are developing rapidly and the experiences you have with them during these years are extremely important. By creating a fun, happy and safe home, you are helping them develop a love of learning.

There is no need for you to formally plan for learning at home – it will happen naturally by talking with your child through simple activities, experiences, games and reading that you share each day with your children.  The department has a range of resources giving ideas, advice and resources for parents and caregivers on how their children learn and activities they can do with their children.  Please feel free to download or use these resources listed below.

Alternatively, please visit the department’s Learning at Home site here (

There are significantly more resources for families here for each grade from Kindergarten to Year 12.  We have the following general resources below for children up to Year 2, with many more specific activities and resources available on the above departmental website.


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