Linda Griffin

Linda Griffin
Year 1

Hi! My name is Linda Griffin and I grew up in Ireland. I graduated from London South Bank University in 2005 and earned my BA (Hons) in Early Years Education. This is my first year teaching at Hannans Primary School but my seventh year in Kalgoorlie.

I previously taught in Ireland and various WA Primary schools. I love teaching in the Early Years because it is such an exciting time in a child’s development and helping them achieve personal goals, such as learning to read, makes my heart burst with love!

I believe in a strong student engaged environment that revolves around many hands on activities that internalise learning with regular participation from all. Our class mantra is; ‘Mistakes are great! They show I tried and learned.

My favourite things are:

Drink: Coke Zero
Food: Pizza
Personal Treat: A massage
Stores: Amazon
Hobbies: Reading, Swimming & Art
Book: Pride & Prejudice
Season: Spring in Kalgoorlie is fantastic

I am a mum to one son called Fiach (Fee-ock) and live with my partner Brian who works as a school’s grounds keeper. I love them all very much!

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