Claudia Rigg

Claudia Rigg
Year 3

My name is Claudia Rigg and I am teaching Year 3 in Room 12 in 2022.

This is my first year at Hannans and in the Goldfields and I am learning to love Kalgoorlie!

As a recently graduated teacher I am always looking for new experiences and chances to grow my professional development, something that is easy to do at such a supportive school! I am looking forward to getting to know the whole school community over this exciting school year.

I like to foster a productive, safe and respectful classroom environment where all students can feel welcome. I understand and appreciate that every child is different, and I like to celebrate those differences in my classroom. This means that I will be working to assist each student in achieving their own personal best in every subject. I have high standards for students regarding behaviour and participation in class and these expectations are clear to the students.

In Year 3 the students get to participate in the Bring Your Own Device Program and this is an excellent opportunity for them to develop their ICT skills and knowledge, setting them up for a lifelong successful relationship with Technology. In Room 12 we implement these ICT skills across all subjects, showing students how we can use technology to enhance our learning.

When I am not in the classroom, I can be found exploring town with my American Staffy, Dora, playing netball and hanging out with my horse. I enjoy the independence of living in a completely new town and am taking my time to find the hidden gems of the Goldfields!

Fun Facts:
I had never visited Kalgoorlie before moving here in late January (I guess you could say I took a leap of faith!)

I absolutely love to travel and I can’t wait to start booking trips again now that we are slowly emerging from Covid restrictions! Bali first (of course!) and then Turkey and Greece are next on the bucket list.

In the classroom I would have to say that Visual Arts is my favourite subject, followed closely with any kind of creative writing- Poetry especially! I am really enjoying being a part of the Hannans Primary School Primary School community and I am looking forward to a fabulous year 😊

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