Rebecca Kinsella

Rebecca Kinsella

NI HAO (hello). My name is Rebecca Kinsella. I am the LOTE (Language Other Than English) teacher at Hannan’s Primary School and this is my second year of delivering Mandarin at the school through the Meg program.

I also have 3 children at the school who are currently in Years 1, Year 3 and Years 5.

I am a very caring, energetic and organised person. I put 100% into everything I do and I like helping others achieve their best.

As well as being a teacher, mother, and wife I am also known as ‘Blue Bottle’ as I help out with the Boulder Scouts Group. This fits in with my belief that young people need opportunities and challenges to help them to be resilient, team players / leaders and good problem solvers.

I love everything about living in Kalgoorlie. Especially its close and supportive community. As a family we have lived in Kalgoorlie for 3 years. However, I also worked in EGC for 2 years from 2008. As much as I love Kalgoorlie I also have a very adventurous side and have travelled quite a lot in the past. Recently the travel bug has returned and with the borders now open I am keen to travel once more. In April 2022 I did a quick family trip back to Wales to see family and friends.

I love being the LOTE teacher at Hannan’s Primary School and I think it is absolutely fantastic that the school runs the Meg Program. Every year group from Year 1 to Year 6 get the opportunity to participate in one live interactive lesson of Mandarin each week with a Chinese Teacher from China where they learn Mandarin and about Chinese culture. It is the second year at the school and I strongly believe the students at Hannan’s School enjoy the program and have also have gained many other skills by it unique delivery. The lessons are fun and are orally based thus allow all students the opportunity to feel success.

In my classroom I try and create a fun and safe learning environment where all students can be themselves and support each other to achieve. It is very rewarding as a teacher to bare witness to students gaining confidence to learn and even make mistakes.

I love being the Mandarin teacher at Hannan’s Primary School and if there is anything you think I can do to assist your child to feel success and achieve their goals do not hesitate to contact me on:

‘FU’ – Wishing you Good Fortune in the Year of the Tiger

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